President & government

H.E. President – Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi

H.E. Prime Minister, Dr. Main Abdul Malik Saeed

H.E.   Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates , Dr. Ahmed Awad Binmubarak

H.E. Minister of Defense , Lt.Gem Mohamed Ali Ahmed Al-Mgdashi 

H.E.  Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism , Muammar Mutaher Al-Eryani

H.E. Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Dr.Waed Abdullah Abdulrazzaq Badhib

H.E. Minister of Youth and Sports, Nayef Saleh Al-Bakri

H.E. Minister of  Finance, Salem saleh binburiek 

H.E.  Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Dr.Nageeb Manssor Hamid Al-Oj

H.E. Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fishery, Salem Abdullah Eisa Alsokatri 

H.E.  Minister of Petroleum and Minerals, Abdulsalam Abdullah Salem Ba-Baoud

H.E. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr.Khaled Ahmed Ahmed Al-Wosabi

H.E Minister of Interior, Maj.Gen Ibrahim Ali Ahmed Haidan 

H.E. Minister of Legal Affairs and Human Rights, Ahmed Omar Monammed Arman 

H.E. Minister of Water and Environment, Taofeg Abdulwahd Ali Al-Sharjabi

H.E.  Minister of Industry and Trade, Mohamed Mohamed Hezam Al-Ashwal

H.E. Minister of Transport, Dr. Abdulsalam Saleh Hamid Hadi

 H.E.  Minister of Religious Endowment and Guidance, Mohammed Edhah Mahdi Shabibah

H.E. Minister of Civil Service  & Insurance, Abdulnasser Ahmed Ali Alwali 

H.E. Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr.Qasem Mohammed Qasem Buhaibeh 

H.E. Minister of local Administration, Hussein Abdulrahman Abdulqader Al-Aghbari 

H.E. Minister of Justice, Badr Abdo Ahmed Al-Aredha 

H.E Minister of Education, Tareq Salem Saleh Al-Akbari

H.E. Minister of Electricity and Energy, Anwar Mohammed Ali Kalshat 

H.E. Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Mohammed Saeed Hasan Al-Zaore

H.E.  Minister of Public Works and Roads, Manea Yaslam Saleh Bin Yameen



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